Wednesday, January 05, 2011

A Journey by Train I Enjoyed Recently

Man can make journeys by various vehicles. But train journey offers the best comfort. I had an opportunity to make much a journey by train. It was 20 March, 2008. I made a joyful train journey with some of my best friends. In the very morning I along with those friends, getting up from bed, gathered at Chittagong Railway station. I along with my friends got in the train named ‘Mohanagar Pravati’ by name. Our motive was to visit Dhaka, the capital city. For this purpose our train journey as made. I sat by the window and enjoyed different kinds of excellent and attractive natural sights. I saw many people working in the field, women bathing, woods, green fields etc. through the window. I was moved by the scenery. At last we reached the Kamalapur Railway station at 1.00 pm. In reality, it was a happy journey to me and my friends I enjoyed it very much for all the amenities I had during my journey by train.

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